Our members have collaborated with companies from the middle east, where they have gathered a vast amount of experience. The following are some of the projects they were involved in thus reflecting the scope of our services.

  • Refractories, production and applications

    Refractories play an important role in the production of high temperature materials including but not limited to steel, cement, ceramics and petrochemical items. Having quality refractories is crucial in the efficient production of final products.

    The refractory raw materials, their processing and application all play a vital role in the successful employment of high temperature furnaces. The selection of appropriate primary materials and technology for refractory body production, as well as having a good knowledge on refractory final applications in different chemical environments are all necessary to succeed in business.

    Past experience in these areas has given us the ability to offer consultation on successful refractory production from raw materials to final duty.

  • Advanced ceramic processing

    Advanced ceramics is important where products such as metals or traditional polymer ceramics cannot resist the conditions of the environment of their applications, which may include very high temperatures or aggressive chemicals.

    Materials such as carbides, nitrides, and high temperature oxides as well as their composites can be employed in different applications, where temperatures rise above 2000 degrees, or the chemical environment highly aggressive. The industries where these materials can be employed is broad, ranging from automotive to aerospace to bio-implants.

    The challenges for these materials with interesting potentials include processing them in a desired shape and dealing with their mechanical properties.

  • Coatings and biomaterials

    One important application of ceramic materials is using them as coatings on metals or ceramic bodies, where these coatings could improve heat and chemical resistance.

    Thermal barrier coatings (TBC) has been progressed for the last 4 decades. Its applications include turbine blades, which has let the combustion chamber be operated at higher temperatures to achieve better performance.

    Another area of interest for coatings is bio-implants, where the metals are currently employed. The capability of the implants can be significantly increased with ceramic coatings as the compatibility between the body and ceramic is much better, which in turn helps tissue growth.

    The field of coating is still under intensive research in many countries due to their high potentials, and significant achievements are to be expected.

To further backup our services, we enjoy collaborating with prestigious research centres such as:

Brunel University London

The University of Sheffield


Brunel Sheffield Lucideon