Who are we?

Refracto-ceramics consultancy LTD, RCC, is a private company registered in the UK to provide consultancy to industry and research centres. We support your projects, targeted towards achieving new technology, by various research methodologies, including reverse engineering techniques in ceramics, refractory and composite materials. The research and innovation we provide is backed up and enhanced by our past experience, practices and international links.


What we provide

We provide you with the technical information and support required for the majority of ceramics and composite materials, including engineering ceramics, refractories, electroceramics, and bio-materials. Our support, based on innovative approaches, will enable the industry/research groups to enhance their scientific activities towards achieving commercial production.

Examples of the previous consultancy

Here are some projects we have previously addressed. They are mostly biased towards the industry where technology upgrade and commercial production of ceramic materials was the main objective.

  • Production of nitride-bonded-SiC refractories: raw material formulation, shape forming and reaction sintering

  • High strength, high porosity silicon nitride bodies production via the gel casting process

  • Modelling of refractory lining for steel ladles

  • Ceramic composite coatings on Ti and Al metals via the Micro-Arc-Oxidation process

  • Evaluation of MgO-C slag lining refractories via post-mortem methods

  • Low-temperature synthesis of ceramic powders through the molten-salt technique